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Good day and welcome to our Masonic Themed Graphics site. My intention with this site is to offer graphics with a bit more pizzazz than we've entertained in the past with the available clipart. Our Fraternity is one of the oldest, most respected and most well known in the world and I thought that it should be better represented with more up to date high quality graphics and images.

This site was created and is maintained by Stephen Alan McKim, a Past Master of Octagon Masonic Lodge No. 511 in Battle Ground, Indiana, USA. It is a personal site and is not directly affiliated with nor funded by any Masonic Grand or local Lodge or appendant body. I like to think of it as an "Internet Garden" where one may wander about and observe, some things you may like..... others may not appeal to you..... but hopefully you will have enjoyed the stroll down the different paths. These are my thoughts, visions and observations of the Craft, some with no deviation from the "norm"..... others totally "off the wall".

All content of this site is copyrighted. The graphics contained within this site may be used for personal and "not for profit" purposes, this is to include fundraising events for Masonic bodies and their appendant organizations. As I have granted full copyright privilege only to Blake Gardiner of Helena, Montana, USA, Duncan Russell of New Ptisligo, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and myself, any other uses of these graphics require permission from one of the three aforementioned persons. Any of the three Brethren may charge a "user" fee at their personal discretion, but the fee will only be for a "permission to use" agreement. We will not release any copyright, this is our method of controlling the images' use. We only support uses which are "Pro Freemasonry" in intent.

"No group of men or Brethren support the Freemasonry Fraternity and its ideals more than the self proclaimed group "The Masonic Web Warriors". Our motto is "Not for you, not for me..... but for us". It is our sole intention through our Masonic acquired knowledge, practiced values, our Internet presence and reverence to the Grand Architect of the Universe to attempt to present the "Masonic World" by graphic interpretation to the potential Freemason and Brethren alike for the enjoyment, continued growth, insured future and betterment of our Craft." Stephen Alan McKim, PM


Note: Many of the images on these pages are larger than your view area, if an image appears "rough" magnify to see the clear complete image. I've intentionally made them large because they are a rastar format, they'll sharpen when you reduce them in size, but will "pixelate" if increased.

Stephen A. McKim,PM




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